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Bathrooms and Terrazzo

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

We decided to tackle the 2 main floor bathrooms first. They needed redecorating and new water-efficient fixtures. After much consideration about what tile to use, we decided to go with poured terrazzo. This material was popular in 1961, so we thought it was both a beautiful and historical choice. Luckily we had plenty of time before we would be ready to move in. The first step was modernizing all the plumbing and building the vanity.

The new vanity cabinet, built by John, is the same size as the old, and will have mahogany drawers. John also built the medicine cabinet and lined it with some NOS vintage laminate.

The floor, walls, and countertop will be terrazzo. We found a local contractor with 15 years experience, and he is the son of a terrazzo installer, so he really knows his stuff. We will be using the epoxy base which should be less prone to cracking. Choosing the color is the hardest part. Above you'll see the first sample - too busy!

Finally - our 2nd round of terrazzo samples have arrived for approval 1/20/2020. We chose the colors based on a photo of a terrazzo floor found online in a house from 1961. We had to wait a long time for these, due to the holidays. Luckily John had plenty of time to keep busy getting the other bathroom ready, and working on leveling all the floors in bathrooms and bedrooms so everything will line up with new flooring and carpet.

Guest bathroom terrazzo being installed

Terrazzo grinding

Sealer is on - now has to dry for 3 days, then they polish it and its done!

Terrazzo complete - Faucets and drawers installed.

Backsplash was made off site, brought in and installed. Faucets are in, and now all we need are the mahogany drawer fronts.

New mirrors installed in the hall bath. We reused the 90's Philip Stark sink - good design lasts!

Mahogany drawer fronts installed - and vintage globe lights hung.


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