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Exterior restoration

Updated: May 27, 2022

Once the inside was completed, we realized that the outside looked worn and needed some love. We hired Peek painting to restore the redwood siding, paint all the trim, and stain the eaves to match the interior ceiling.

Our redwood siding was perfectly preserved underneath flaking, peeling stain. We tried various stain options, trying to recreate the original color.

Here is the front facade all sanded down. The garage doors took awhile!

The original stain at bottom, sanded wood at top

Here is the new stain color, which exactly matches the old one

Now, to get the eaves looking good, the first step was a washing to remove all the mildew. This is just after the wash, which revealed the eaves were actually painted, not stained, a light off-white color. John Peek recommends repainting over this to try and match the interior color.

Samples on the eaves - so difficult to match the interior ceiling to make it look continuous. We're going to get as close as we can, but reflections and variation in light make it difficult to match exactly.

Now the wood is actually faux-painted to match the interior. Looking good on the samples just on the other side of the glass.

Front doors have been restored to their original International Orange color to match the beams.

Before: weathered siding and front doors, and "jail" security fence

After: siding restored, doors back to the original orange color, eaves restored to match interior ceiling, new redwood and iron security fence designed by John, and vintage Mark Creates sconce. Happy and welcoming!

The garage doors took the stain differently than the redwood, but we decided we like the combination of wood tones.

The original triangular rock planter is now filled with an assortment of succulents and annuals, and Solari ceramic bells hang overhead.

Taken from a neighbor's house across the canyon, this photo shows how well the house is integrated with the site.

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