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Before and After

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Here are some comparison photos showing our befores and afters, and in some cases, we have original 1960s photos as well. How did we get here? See the other posts for details on restoration of each area of the house.

Before: Living room from real estate listing photo. We fell in love with the house right away, for its spectacular fireplace and view.

After: New walnut parquet floor was made to exactly match the old, new sliding door, (Fleetwood bronze finish same as original) new mahogany panelling to restore to the original after being replaced in the 90s.

After: Living/dining/kitchen completed 2020. New track lighting, floor lighting behind fireplace, and hanging glass divider cabinet replicating the original.

Before: Kitchen from listing photos, remodel from 1990s.

Original kitchen vintage photo 1960s. We recreated the sliding door cabinets and the black reveal around the drawers.

Kitchen completed 2020 with custom mahogany cabinets, cork backsplash, and slate floor.

Kitchen completed 2020

Before: Master bath was redone in the 1990s.

After: New terrazzo bathrooms and mahogany cabinets 2020

After: Master bath completed 2020

After: Master bedroom

Before: exterior was weathered and needed restoration. "Jail" security fence needed replacement.

After: Complete restoration and recreation of the original orange doors. New slatted redwood gate.

See more blog blog posts for detail on all mentioned above.

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