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And so it begins

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

In May of 2019, we began a restoration/renovation of this amazing and unusual Mid Century Modern home from 1961. Our realtor, MCM historian and authority Keith York, had found the listing for this house for sale for the first time since it was built. Previously unknown because if its hidden location, the home was designed by Robert Liebner, a former GM design engineer who moved to California to work in the aerospace industry for Convair. The home was built over approximately one year, designed to perch on extremely heavy-duty steel posts and beams, built like a bridge, that cantilever the home over the canyon. The couple divorced shortly after, and Liebner's wife, Becky, bought the house back from him, and remarried William Ivans, a famous glider pilot. She lived in the house for the rest of her life. She added the lower story a couple years later, designed for her by Liebner, (now her ex-husband.)

Jean Prouve designed a similar look in 1957, Could Liebner have seen this and been inspired?

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