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Exposed aggregate cement driveway

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The existing driveway had many large cracks, and didn't drain correctly. It also didn't line up with the entry deck, and people would always trip there. We knew we wanted to fix all these problems, but we had to wait until everything else was done, otherwise the new driveway could get damaged by the trucks dropping off materials. The new driveway is now installed, and we're so happy with the results. After a lot of research, we determined how to get the most vintage look possible. We used standard concrete, unstained. As it was being poured, pebbles were tossed onto the top and settled down within the wet concrete. The workman doing it wore these special aluminum trays on his feet to keep from making footprints. They used a combination of a broom and spray from the hose to expose the tops of the stones. We chose Sonora Chinese mix, 3/4" stones. They used a lot of stones, but it looks subtle and just right.

These are the same stones we used along the garden path. Its good that we chose fairly large ones because they really disappear into the concrete

Removing the old, cracked concrete

Rebar to prevent future cracking, we hope...

Drain added in front of the garage door to keep water our of the garage. It rained the next week - and it worked! Great solution - the pipe runs through the driveway and out to drain into the canyon.

Signed in an inconspicuous place for future owners to find!

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