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Mahogany accent wall in living room

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

When we purchased the home, it had a light-stained wood wall and kitchen, installed in the 1990s, and shiny black granite floors. It was lovely, but needed refinishing, so we decided to bring it back to the original 1960s mahogany to match the new kitchen we were putting in. .

We lived with the rough plywood exposed on the back wall of the living room/dining room while other surrounding details and the new walnut parquet floor were finished. The first step was putting up the ebonized wood strips that would show between each panel, and the toe kick. We hung artwork in the meantime to test out where it should go. The hooked Hinz tapestry will define the dining area.

Finally the exciting day came when the huge mahogany panels, fabricated by John in his workshop, arrived and were installed. Each one is hung from a set of custom made cleats mounted on the wall. 1st one up!

2 up!



Done! The mahogany panels wrap around to the kitchen penninsula and unify the space. Uplights installed in the floor light the wall behind the fireplace at night, and track lights on the back of the beam light the front of the fireplace so it stands out like a sculpture in the room. And the Hinz hooked tapestry is back on the finished wall to define the dining area.

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