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Custom kitchen built on site

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Our master craftsman, John, built the kitchen on site. After all the plumbing, electrical, drywall, and flooring prep, he started 3/9/20. Progress this week show all the base cabinets are built and installed!

This photo of the original kitchen (now gone) provided the inspiration for us to create the ebonized reveals between drawers, and upper cabinets with sliding doors.

This vintage kitchen photo I found on the internet provided inspiration - for the lower cabinet drawer detail we are creating, and the color of stain we want to use.

First step was installing the black slate floor and toe kicks

The cabinets will be mahogany with ebonized interiors and trim. This shows the North wall - a long wall of cabinets that extends into the dining area, and the peninsula at a right angle to it.

Another view of the North wall. At the right will be a new Bosch undercounter oven, and then we are reusing the Subzero refrigerator on the end, which will have matching mahogany panels made for it.

The South wall where the sink will go (same as original kitchen)

The peninsula "island" has a view out to the dining room, fireplace area, and ultimately a view of the ocean out the window wall. The cooktop, a Bosch induction, will go here. We are also installing a Broan downdraft fan in the counter that pops up when you need it.

These lower cabinets will be all drawers, small, medium and large, plus a pull-out trash at right. Cooktop hole is now cut.

More drawers, oven and refrigerator at right. The left side of this cabinet extends into the dining room and can be used as a buffet and for storage. You can see where the floor changes from the walnut in the dining room to slate in the kitchen (covered)

Drawer fronts on (mahogany faces will attach to these)

Upper cabinet built and in place on the North wall.

We rigged up some left-over boxes to simulate the floating cabinet over the island and check to make sure it is just the right size. it will have glass doors on both sides so you can see through.

Upper cabinet being built, reinforced with steel

Ready for countertops and glass sliding doors in floating cabinet

Great grain on the mahogany. Eventually stain color will match...

Still waiting for drawer fronts - each one made by hand. Countertop coming soon.

Countertop - Corian quartz, color Papyrus. Installers did a great job.

Tricks of the trade - to make the seams disappear (we had 3 seams total) they mixed special quartz grout. It was good that we were there to approve the color choice, as it took a few tries to get it light enough to blend in.

Oven installed, and cork backsplash sample board came from Habitus.

Finally, a kitchen with enough counter space. Loving the subtle limestone color of the Corian quartz.

First pizza in the new kitchen. Not cooking yet, but at least the sink works for clean-up!

Drawer fronts finally installed. We waited until last possible moment so they wouldn't get dinged up or dripped on during painting.

Getting closer to completion, just a few details left: backsplash, glass for upper cabinets, back wall behind fireplace.

Mahogany panels now installed on the back of the peninsula

Custom made cork tile backsplash by Habitus being installed by Star tile.

Waiting for grout and brown outlets with copper plates. Every last detail counts!

Brown outlets and hammered copper switchplates installed

The last detail: cut out a recess in the back of the cabinet and install and outlet for the microwave.

The small but mighty Sunbeam

Finished kitchen!

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