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Ackerman Panelcarve Installation

The house has a centered front entrance, and we needed to define the space to create a front hall without walls. A few years ago we had purchased a large number of bas-relief Ackerman Panelcarve wood decorative panels, not knowing where we were going to put them. Jerry and Evelyn Ackerman were well-known Midcentury California artists who created designs in wood, mosaics, tapestries, and clay. These were designed by Evelyn, and the pattern is called Castles.

Our first step was to have John create some entry slats that have four panels installed on each - 2 on the front, 2 on the back, with walnut frames around to match the floor. He made them so they can rotate and we can play with having them at different angles or solid straight across. The bottoms are brass feet that are double-stick taped to the floor, and so we didn't have to damage the floor, and the weight holds them in place.

The tops have brass poles that fit into a small hole in the ceiling, and each is set at a different length to fit into the angled ceiling.

Finally, Gary hung the leftover panels on the wall, so that when you enter, you are now surrounded by Ackerman panels! The Ackerman's wood products company evolved into Forms & Surfaces, known for their amazing front entry doors.

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