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About that fireplace...

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

This is exactly what we saw when we first walked in to the Liebner House....that VIEW! That Fireplace! The view didn't need any work (nature at its best) - but the fireplace sure did. The massive sculptural wood-burning fireplace, we were told, was designed by Becky, the homeowner. The fireplace was featured in this 1961 article in the San Diego Union: It epitomized the space age "flight" theme of the house!

While planning the restoration, we could see that the fireplace had been painted over, and not very well. Brushmarks were plainly visible, and it didn't do this "sculpture" justice, First John gave it a thorough cleaning, outside and in - and in the process he turned the color of soot! Then he researched and ordered a high-temp flat black paint that could be sprayed on, with a very fine texture. After tenting off the fireplace from the rest of the living room, he sprayed it without taking it apart and it turned out great!

Here's a closeup of the new paint job. Can't wait to move in and light our first fire!

Lighting the wall behind the fireplace - these lights will be installed in the floor

Fireplace/lookout station for Layla

Fired up!

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