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Spiral Staircase

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The original spiral staircase was in good structural condition, but the glued-on carpet had seen better days. The carpet was so heavily glued on that once it was removed, the glue stuck to the stair treads in big globs. Many tools and lots of elbow grease removed about 80% of it, but the stair treads were still not usable. The only solution was to re-carpet.

Our carpet installer came up with a great idea - instead of wrapping the carpet around each stair and having a bulky and messy job, with cut edges that shed, he cut each piece to cover only the top of each tread. Then, we sent all the pieces out to be bound, and then he glued each one in place. It turned out great!

Cats have already decided the staircase belongs to them!

The top of the railing has rings on it that seemed destined to be filled with a rope insert. We found 1.5" diameter synthetic nautical rope that fits perfectly, and ordered the pieces cut to length after getting a sample (shown above).

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